Sooooo, this has definitely been one of my most favorite weddings to shoot to date. My husband and I have close friends whom live in charming Ol’ Paso Robles and for the past few years we go stay and visit with them every year.  Since doing that these hand-full of years, I have grown fond of this town and love to go visit when I can. When Dan + Kristen told me they were getting married in Paso, I knew immediately it was a wedding I was really wanting to book and boy, did they not disappoint. Everything about their wedding day was well thought out and visual perfection. The houses where the girls (and the guys)  got ready in were both adorable bungalows in the heart of downtown. They were so full of character and charm that I was pretty much dying when I pulled up. Instantly, I could see all the photo ops for the getting ready portions of their day and I.was.pumped. 🙂 After the guys/girls got ready we headed to their beautiful venue called Oak Heart Estate set on the outskirts of town and overlooking the golden hills. The owners were both incredibly nice (One of them happened to be from Escalon too! Small world!) and it was a gorgeous day out on their property. Dan and Kristen were easy to work with and are adorable in every way. I love the way Dan looks at Kristen and how he is able to make her constantly smile and laugh, while being his funny,comedic self.  These two were amazing to work with and I love, love, loved everything about their day. Here’s to wishing these two awesome folk, many years of wedded bliss and laughter.


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